Friday, May 11, 2012

final game

my final game is about endagerd animals the animal is a penguin . what u have to do to win is jump trot all of the ice and dount fall in the water because its freezing cold and if it gets in the water i well die .the 1st thing that i relay like about are game is that it helping the endangerd animals . the 2nd thing that i liked about my game is that we are showing the kids that therms animals out there and that they need help .the 3rd thing that i relay liked my game is that is making a Chang in the world that we are going to help all of the the animals out there .the 1st thing that i think i cold of done beater is wean it falls say that its dead or something like that.the 2nd thing is that i wish I would of maid my to the game cold be relay hard but not that hard just hard but that fun kind of hard on a game.and the 3rd thin that i would like to do if finish the game . well that is what i got to say about my game           

Thursday, May 10, 2012

what i have learned throughout the year is that theirs  is allot of new things to do and to learn. but it can also be very hard at the same time. but wean u finish it it would look so cool and great . the thing that i liked the most is making one of thous flashing move thing. i think that i am OK at them. but wean u finish i looks really cool because of all the pictures just changing to oder ones. its fun to make them for me.about my game i did not  finish it but it looks OK . i like it but i wish i just  had more time to finish it. well if u would like to play my not finished game u are welcomed to play.