Wednesday, October 26, 2011

playing to learn game review

What did you learn from your choice of games and genres to reviews?

what did i learn from the games and genres  well i learn how to play some of the games and then i also learn abut all the probloms that they are her  in the world . 
Name any game features that stood out to you, either because they were interesting or because they could be improved.
well i like the game gravity but it dosent show you any thang abut educathion but it is also a realy fun game  
Write down any questions you have about the game or genre you chose. You might answer them yourself later!
way is there games on playing to learn that you douunt even learn anithang so way do they put them there .

Monday, October 3, 2011

Playing to Learn, Genre: Action

1. Game that taught me a new educational skill or gave information on a subject:

  Tempest at Crecent City would not load

Survivor was a fun game and caned of hard to but it was a realy god game

the game wer ther is brain pop ther many gas ther that you can play .
trap cat is a very fun game but it can go to fast 

2. Game that taught me about a new or existing social issue:

3. Game I liked best:

4. What happens in the game:

5. How you play the game: