Friday, September 28, 2012

my game

im going to decien a game and i have to chouse a topic math huuuuuuuuuu i hate math but ist was the only one that entrst me . i dount know y but well yea and well im going to do my game on scientic notation beacuse im sort of god whit that  well i now how to do it but yea . so my me place in going to be in the sky and and well ther going to clouds and all that stuff  well im going to give u a problom and u have to fiend the anwer  . welll thats how im going to do my game .

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the games that i playd well im going to tell the true i did not like any of them they dient evean work and the ones thsat did they wore so boring and thers some that work and that are for u to loren  and evean sometimes they are fun .ther realy was one that was ok i gess it was dirty river it was good well it was the best one of all well thats what i have to say about the games

Monday, September 17, 2012

the things i like and dount like about school

i really like the new school its really cool and stuff .i saw all my friends and Evan made  some new ones think that dis year is going to be a real god year . the only thing that i don't like is that we might not have ass many dances ass we did last year . i really liked the dances but them dear was alat of drama to and every body smeld like sweat and well yea but they were cool i guess . and the thing that really but i mean really boudoirs me is the food look i don't mean to be mean but the food that the girls do is looks like if it for dogs and i now that they are trying to mack us healty but they are like over exaduratedand they give us like the same thing every day the always gives sallied and carrots i love carrots but now that they give us it like basically every day i am stating to hate carrots and if the want us to be healthy well they can put like a one of downs salad things wear u can mack Ur own salad now i would get that and the milk we are not in elemanty  school i try so hard to pass all my classes in 5th grad for i can get rid of the  the nasty food ant i thout that in oaks springs had nasty food but no i was wrong they have nasty food hear and they sculled at least give us like some lemonade or some clad but not milk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(